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New Hampshire's Presidential Range  See a larger image
Mts. Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Madison, along with Tuckerman and Huntington Ravines
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Playing in the Sand

   May, 2012: New old photo (old new photo?): A day at the beach for the University of Pennsylvania Psychology graduate students. 

I took this photograph in the summer of 1967, during a day at the New Jersey shore (probably Margate or Ventnor, maybe Brigantine). 

Camera: 2 1/4" sq twin-lens reflex (a real antique)

Special Feature: Lifecycle of the Monarch Butterfly
    The summer of 2006 was unusually good for Monarch butterflies in our back yard. We were able to observe the entire lifecycle, and put together this photo essay for your enjoyment. 
Monarch Butterfly rests in the sunshine after emerging from chrysalis

Our White Mountain (NH) "4,000-footer" series finished in 2006.  The image at the top of this page is from the hike to Carter Dome & Mt Hight in New Hampshire.  Just across rt 16 from Mt. Washington, the view from Mt. Hight, the cloudy day, and the sparse snow provided us with this rare view of (from left of center) Mts. Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Madison, along with Tuckerman and Huntington Ravines. See a larger image.  As always, visitors are welcome on these free, expertly guided events. 

Fall Foliage, October, 2004.  6 pages of great color.
Fall Foliage, October, 2008    Even better colors (2 images)

A frosty winter scene: Looking north from the Fire Tower on Mt. Elmore, New Year's Day, 2006 Large Image (62 sec @ 28k)


A special treat:
Mt. Katahdin & the Knife Edge, July, 2004

Mt Adams, New Hampshire White Mountains via Short Line, King Ravine and Great Gully Trails 
July 29, 2006

Feb. 11, 2006: Climbing the summit of Mount Mansfield on a perfect winter day. 
 Large image (81 sec @ 28k).

Franconia Ridge,  White Mountain Presidential Range, NH, August 27, 2005
  Haystack to Lincoln to Lafayette. A perfect summer hike.

Cottonbrook/Little River Valley: Moscow, VT  October 2, 2005
Draining a reservoir creates a new ecosystem

Monroe & Eisenhower, White Mountain Presidential Range, NH 
September 24, 2005

*June 21, 2005, Mt Hunger Summer Solstice Sunset Hike & Picnic
*June 26, 2005, Mount Jefferson, White Mountains
*July 16, 2005, Mount Washington - Huntington Ravine
       Cog Railway & Headwall images (35 sec @ 28k)
       The Cog Railway -  Larger image (134 sec @ 28k)
       The Huntington Ravine & Headwall  
          Very Large Image - recommended for broadband users  only (>5 min. @ 28k)
*July 31, 2005, Mansfield Rock Circuit
*August 21, 2005, Mt. Madison via the Great Gulf

*September 5, 2005, North Twin Mountain, White Mountains, NH
*September 24, 2005 Mt. Eisenhower and Monroe Edmands path to Eisenhower Summit;  Crawford Path to Monroe Summit. 8.8 miles.   Great photos - slow page (174 sec  @ 28 k) but worth the   wait!

March 27, 2005: Hellbrook Trail
March 19, 2005: Sterling Pond Trail
Trip Report: Mt Adams, New Hampshire Presidentials, Sept. 4, 2004

Mt Mansfield, January 2004 Story & photos.
Large page, load time 42 sec. @ 28k
Fall, 2003 images from Mt Elmore and Mt. Mansfield
Camel's Hump, 10/3/99
Sunset Photo: June 21, 1999 
12/99: A superb photo of Mount Mansfield at twilight by Judith Fabian (Burlington Section)
Mt. Washington
and Mansfield rock circuit


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